Here's Why Your Company Needs Hydraulic Conduit Benders

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Conduits and pipes are part and parcel of electrical installation. Electricians need these items to wire buildings and other structures with exposed or unfinished areas, including basements and attics. You also need conduit pipes for water transportation in supply systems. If you are familiar with piping, you may have noticed that some are bent. The bending is done using hydraulic conduit benders. Keep reading to learn more about these machines and why using them is highly advisable.

What are Hydraulic Benders? 

Hydraulic benders are machines designed for bending conduit pipes. They are primarily used in manufacturing units and fabrication shops dealing with pipes and conduits. Other popular industries that need these pipe benders include mechanical and automotive industries because they use components like chassis and handrails, which demand bending. Quality hydraulic benders are made using industrial-grade steel. They can handle large wall thicknesses and diameters, so experts use them in precise angles and high-power applications.

Reasons to Use Hydraulic Benders

There are numerous reasons to use hydraulic pipe benders, including:

1.       Affordability

Hydraulic conduit benders are more affordable than many other alternatives, including CNC (computer numerical control) pipe bending equipment. The reason is they have a simpler structure than the other machines. Their affordability means most businesses can purchase them, including large enterprises and budding companies. But, although these benders are relatively cheaper than most alternatives available in the market, their quality and efficiency are unquestionable. In fact, most are made from quality industrial-grade steel. Therefore, they deliver appropriately and last long. Besides, if one of your top priorities is increasing profit margins as a business person, in that case, one of the best ways of doing that involves cutting expenses through buying affordable tools and equipment.

2.       Energy Efficiency

If you want energy-efficient equipment to bend pipes and conduits, hydraulic benders are worth your consideration. The reason is modern hydraulic conduit benders come with energy-saving circuits and components. In addition, manufacturers now know the hydraulic system's oil pump plays a significant role in determining energy consumption. That is why some focus on improving efficiency by installing frequency speed control devices. Plus, you need energy-efficient hydraulic benders to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and aid in environmental conservation. Plus, such equipment helps you cut your company's utility bills, saving significant sums in the long run.

3.       Optimum Accuracy

Manufacturers today avail accurate hydraulic benders that bend conduits and pipes to specified radii and angles. These machines ensure precise bends, using degree marks cast into place. Precise pipe bending plays a significant role in preventing leakages and tampering since installation is more manageable than erratic conduit bending. That is why manufacturers should always work with top-notch machines like hydraulic benders.