4 Reasons To Rent A Crane When Setting Up Your Event Stage

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Are you organizing a corporate event? Well, you have to market the event, hire performers, rent portable toilets, and prepare the venue. Most importantly, you have to set up the event stage. A big and creative stage sets the mood and scene of the party. It gives the party a wow factor and offers guests something to remember about the event. But how do you set up the heavy sound system, lighting, decorations, roof, or scaffolding? This is where crane rental comes in. It makes lifting heavy stage equipment a breeze. Read on to learn why renting a crane for your event is a smart move.

1. Easier and Faster Stage Set Up

When setting up an event stage, you typically don't have all the time in the world. You have to work within a given timeline. And a slight delay could ruin everything. Your best chance to set up your stage on time is to rent a quality crane. You will be able to lift and arrange heavy items faster and easier than when you have a team of workers with ropes and pulleys. Moreover, with a crane, disassembling the stage and loading the equipment onto the trucks will take less time and money since you do not have to hire a big crew.

2. Employee Safety

Setting up an event stage comes with a lot of risks. Workers could suffer sprains and strain injuries while trying to carry and lift heavy items. They could also fall from heights while trying to set up lights and decorations. If you care about the safety of your workers and equipment, then you have every reason to hire a crane when organizing an event. First, the crane will do all the heavy lifting to keep your workers safe from lifting injuries. And you can use it safely to hoist workers to set up decorations and lights at great heights.

3. Prevent Vehicle Damage

There is a reason each car has its weight restrictions. If you overload your car with stage equipment, you expose it to engine damage and tire blowouts. When you hire a crane, you do not have to use your vehicles to carry or pull heavy equipment around the venue. The crane will do that for you, saving you money on expensive car repairs and gas.

4. Trained Operators

With crane rental, you do not have to take time off your busy schedule to find a crane operator. The crane rental company has competent operators who can work with the crane to avoid mistakes and injuries. And you will have access to timely repair services in the event of any malfunction. Even better, after the event, the crane rental company will handle everything from disassembling the crane to packing up so you can unwind or focus on your next project.

Crane rental is critical to setting up a safe and captivating stage. For crane rental services, contact a crane rental company. They will help make the stage and the entire event memorable and engaging.