Starting A Heavy Construction Equipment Business?: Four Trucks That Can Make You Money With Oilfield Owners

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If you are currently considering a business startup, and you live close to Canada's biggest oilfields, you may want to start a heavy construction equipment and truck rental business. Most people who develop complementary businesses to the oilfield world can make a decent amount of money. For example, mobile restauranteurs can feed the riggers and oilfield crews and following a route that takes their food trucks from one rig to the next. Your own particular niche, construction trucks, can do even better because the oilfield owners and supervisors can rent your trucks indefinitely. Here are some of the best trucks with which to start this kind of rental service.


Cranes do a lot of the rig erection work on oilfields. These will be some of your biggest moneymakers, especially when oilfield owners and supervisors find their own cranes need to be in the repair shop. Cranes are also responsible for rigging deconstruction and demolition after an oil well runs dry or does not produce the expected amounts of oil.

Bed Trucks

Bed trucks haul in the rigging and other heavy oilfield components. The longer the beds on your flatbed trucks, the better, since some rigging requires a lot of haulage space. In oilfield trucking, the flatbeds may also carry recycled rigging to a new site or haul the metal to a recycling dump. Whichever use your renters choose, your bed trucks will get almost as much, if not more, use than cranes because of the jobs they are expected to perform for the oil companies.

Winch Trucks

In a pinch, winch trucks take over for cranes in the oilfields. They assist the crew with erecting and tearing down the rigging and lifting the sections of drill into position. They can also help pull other trucks out of the mud and slick oil coating the ground after the drill has hit oil and a slick is left all over the place. During heavy rains, the winch trucks prove especially useful, since footing and tire grip are almost completely lost on the soil in the oilfields.


Picker trucks help the crew secure and repair things from on high, including power cables and loose rigging bolts. They are less commonly used as oilfield trucks, but some oilfield owners and supervisors prefer them for the level of safety they provide the crews. Although you may want to start with several cranes and flatbeds, you may eventually want a few winch trucks and pickers thrown in the mix for the owners and supervisors that have a preference for these trucks and cannot get them from your competitors.

With a great variety of oilfield trucks, your business is sure to be a success.