Purchasing The Right Trailer For Your Construction Company

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The successful completion of any construction project requires access to tools, equipment, and raw materials. Transporting these bulky items can be tricky, but investing in trailers will allow you access to the vehicle you need to move construction loads from one job site to another. Selecting the right trailer is critical when it comes to ensuring your new vehicle accessory will meet your company's needs in the future.

Here are three factors that you should take into consideration when buying a trailer to ensure you make a wise investment.

1. Clearance

The first thing that you should consider when purchasing a trailer to use for your construction business is the amount of clearance you will need. This can be determined by identifying the loads that will be transported on the trailer.

If you plan to use your trailer to haul heavy machinery, then a flatbed trailer with no clearance restrictions can be beneficial. If you want to haul tools or smaller pieces of equipment, then an enclosed trailer could be a viable option. Determining your clearance needs prior to investing in a trailer will help you narrow your options to find the trailer best suited to meet your transportation needs.

2. Security

Another important factor that should influence the type of trailer you purchase for your construction company is the level of security required to protect your transported items.

Heavy equipment is not easy to steal, as attempting to do so would draw a lot of attention. Smaller hand tools and building materials make easy targets for thieves, so these items need additional security in order to prevent them from being taken.

Since a flatbed trailer provide minimal security, these types of trailers are best suited for hauling items that would be difficult to steal. Enclosed trailers can be locked securely to prevent unlawful entry, making these types of trailers the right choice for hauling small items that would be easy to take from a job site.

3. Hitch Configuration

Once you have determined whether a flatbed or an enclosed trailer would be best suited to meet your hauling needs, you need to look at the hitch configuration of each trailer on the market.

If your truck is equipped with both a bumper hitch and a fifth-wheel hitch, then you can select trailers with either type of hitch configuration. If you only have a bumper hitch, you will need to factor the cost of installing a fifth-wheel hitch into your trailer's purchase price if you opt for a construction trailer with a fifth-wheel hitch configuration.

Purchasing the right construction trailer will help your projects run smoother. Be sure to factor in your clearance, security, and hitch configuration requirements before investing in a new construction trailer for your company.