3 Reasons You May Have To Hire An Excavator During Your Parking Lot Installation

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The parking area of your business is the first place customers and visitors will experience your location, so it deserves only professional attention during the installation process to ensure all turns out well. While you are probably looking at paving contractors and even services to professionally paint the lines and markings, there is one other contractor you may need during parking lot installation:an excavator. An excavation service uses heavy equipment to work on the ground, which can definitely be required during parking lot installation. Here are a few reasons why you may need an excavator during your parking lot building project.

If your planned parked area is unlevel, you will need an excavator. 

An unlevel parking lot is a little more tedious to work with as far as installing pavement is concerned. While it is fine for the parking area to have a sloped surface, you definitely do not want the area the be filled with hills and ridges. This is not only not ideal for parking but can also cause problems with pavement installation and pavement maintenance. An excavation contractor can level out the area so that the paving company has a more even surface to apply the pavement to when they get started. 

If the ground in the parking area is excessively rocky, you will need an excavator. 

Small rocks and gravel are not a big deal to be covered with the typical pavement mix. However, if there are large rocks in the area, they will have to be removed and then the holes where those rocks were resting will have to be properly filled before the pavement is installed. An excavator will come in and get these large obstructions out of the way and then use the same equipment to level out areas where the rocks were resting. 

If there are several trees in the area, you will need an excavator. 

Trees around a parking lot are not a problem. However, you will definitely want trees removed from your primary parking area before pavement is installed. Simply cutting down the trees does not get rid of the root system underground. The root system can cause problems if not eliminated because the shoots from the roots can grow into the pavement from underneath and cause damage. An excavation contractor will take the time to remove the tree root system as much as possible so you do not run into this problem. Contact a service, like B.C.K. Specialties, Inc, for more help.