Does Your Industrial Transformer Need To Be Shipped To Be Repaired? Questions To Ask When Looking For A Disassembly Company

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Due to their size, many industrial transformers need to be broken down or taken apart before they can be transported or shipped to a repair facility to undergo the repairs they need to operate correctly. If your transformer is in need or repair, you may be looking for a company to disassemble the transformer before it can be shipped. When you are looking for a disassembly company, knowing what questions to ask can help you find the correct one. Here are a few of the questions you will want to ask when you are looking for a company to disassemble your industrial transformer so it can be shipped or transported to a repair facility. 

Will You Disconnect the Unit?

Before an industrial transformer can broken down, it needs to be disconnected from its power source. This can be a tedious and dangerous task. Some disassembly companies will perform this task, while others will require you to do it before they can break the transformer down. Always ask so you know whether the company handles it, especially if you don't feel comfortable leaving it to your employees. 

What Experience Does Your Crew Have? 

Another important question to ask is what experience the crew disassembling the industrial transformer has with the type of transformer you have. Think of industrial transformers like cars. There are all kinds of different makes and models. Repairing a Ford is different from repairing a BMW. A crew may have experience with one type of transformer but it may be completely different than the type you have. Always ask what experience they have so you know if they can handle the type of transformer you have. 

Do You Also Prepare the Parts for Transport? 

The last question to ask the company you are thinking of hiring to disassemble your industrial transformer is if they also prepare the parts for transport. Some companies will simply break the transformer down for you, while others will crate the parts or wrap them to prepare them to be shipped and transported. 

When you are looking to hire a company to dissemble your industrial transformer so it can be shipped or transported for repair, you likely already know to ask the company if they are licensed, have insurance and to provide an estimate for their services. In addition to this, there are a few other questions to ask. Asking if they will disconnect the unit, inquiring about their experience and asking if they prepare the parts for transport after disassembling the parts will help you find the right company for your industrial transformer disassembling needs.