Safely Using A Rented Dump Truck

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Many projects require the removal of large quantities of dirt. Some projects, like landscaping projects, might require that you haul in fill dirt to level out a specific area. Whether you are removing dirt or bringing more dirt in, a dump truck can be a beneficial tool. Renting a dump truck is an affordable way to complete your hauling activities. If you don't have a lot of experience using a dump truck, keep these safety tips in mind.

Complete a pre-load inspection.

The condition of the dump truck itself can have a significant impact on the safety of your hauling activities. You should take the time to complete a pre-load safety inspection before loading or unloading any dirt.

Start by checking the tire pressure. Tire pressure should be within the manufacturer's recommended range, and the pressure should be the same in all four tires. Uneven tire pressure could lead to tipping when you raise the bed of the dump truck.

Check all hydraulic mechanisms to ensure they are working properly, and complete your safety inspection by lifting and lowering the dump box to check for potential performance problems.

Constantly monitor for stability.

The ground on which your dump truck is parked can impact the safety of the loading and unloading processes. You should take precautions to ensure that the ground beneath your dump truck is stable.

Check for soft spots that might cause the dump truck to tip when the weight distribution of the dirt load changes. Ensure that you park your dump truck on a level piece of ground so that it will not roll or shift while you are operating the dump box.

Guard against truck movement while loading or dumping.

Altering the distribution of the dirt load in a dump truck by loading or unloading the truck can be dangerous. It's important that you have taken the time to secure your dump truck so that it will not move while it is being loaded or unloaded.

Engage the parking brake to help prevent rolling. Construct a small berm with an upward angle at the rear of the dump truck to help support the vehicle if it shifts backward while in use. Guarding against any movement during loading or dumping will help you prevent a serious accident while moving large quantities of dirt in the future.

A rented dump truck can be a valuable asset, but only if it is used safely. Become familiar with the safe use of a dump truck before renting one for your next project. For more information, contact your local haul truck rental services.