Need To Rent A Scissor Lift? 4 Things You Need To Know

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A scissor lift is a piece of equipment that allows you to move both tools and workers up and down using an aerial work platform. When it comes to renting one for a job, there are various factors you need to consider to ensure you choose the correct one for your project.

1. Reach

First, you need to know how high you want to go. If you are doing work inside a building and just need to reach up to the ductwork, you can use a standard scissor lift. If you are going to work outside on things such as power poles or on higher work floors, you will need to go with a lift that has the capacity to take your crew and equipment to much taller heights. It is essential to know how high you need to reach with your project so you can ensure the machine you rent can reach those heights.

2. Load Capacity

Second, you need to know what your load capacity needs are. This is essentially how much weight you will be putting on the unit. This includes the weight of the workers and all the equipment that they will be taking up with them.

Generally, electric-powered scissors lifts handle smaller loads than diesel-powered models, which can handle more weight and carry more people.

3. Platform Size

Third, in addition to knowing how much weight you need to carry up and down, you need to know how much room you need for all that stuff so that your crew can work safely and access the equipment they need.

The platform size plays a big role in your working environment. You need to consider the room you need for the equipment and how much space you have to operate the lift because if the lift is too wide or too long for the area where you are working, it will not be an effective piece of equipment.

4. Terrain

Finally, where you will be operating the lift will impact what type you need as well. If you are working inside of a building, you can use an electric scissor lift. If you will be working on terrain that is sloped or uneven in any way, you are going to need to rent a rough-terrain scissor lift, preferably with four-wheel drive.

Before renting a scissor lift for your next project, you need to know what reach, load capacity, and platform size you need, as well as what type of terrain you will be operating on, so you can select a unit that will be the best fit your needs.